Singer Naira Ali warns young female musicians against sex pests DJ Jacob and Dikteta Mark

Man Davie Kayima

Musician Naira Ali has attacked Dikteta Mark and Dj Jacob Omutuze for always asking for sex from upcoming Women musicians.

“I feel for a young girl who wants to join the music industry. Dikteta Mark and DJ Jacob Omutuze plus Dj Nick, they will chew u for free.”

I know they will attack me that I am short with a big forehead but that’s the truth.”

Naira Ali also called upon Dikteta Mark and Jacob Omutuze to marry instead of asking for some from upcoming musicians

“Dikteta and Jacob it’s time for you guys to marry, all the time Kyapa Nyota, eeeeh my Lord I wonder.”


She revealed this on her Facebook account.

Naira Ali is a daughter to Mr.Ssesanga Ali and Mrs.Ssesanga Hawa. Her father was a music Dj with a night club in Masindi District.

Naira Ali’s big forehead is evident. PHOTO/COURTESY pop

Naira Ali who currently lives in the USA has songs like Tulo, muntu wange,Okikola Otya,Shygal ft.Ziza Bafana,Sinze,Masala,Dancing tonite,Sweetest thing, Mwerere,Binyuma, Sikyalinda,Dalu ft Da Agent,Mwoyo,So High,Ompanise,Kalango,Nakupenda among others.

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