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I am the most highly paid comedian In Uganda, Taata Sam


Taata Sam original names Robert Sande the renowned comedian says he is the most highly paid comedian in the banana republic.

The 24/7 chicken hungry comedian made the shocking revelation during an exclusive interview on Kasuku live YouTube channel.

‘’Because of my enormous appetite for eating chicken, some people think I am not paid and all they have to do is prepare for me enough pieces of chicken and I will grace their functions, what they don’t realize is that Taata Sam and the chicken munching is just a character”

“I want to tell you and I am not bragging, I am the most highly paid comedian in the country, I am also the most entertaining.”

The Gadimba skit actor also said that unlike other comedians whose works contain a lot of adult content and may not be ideal for family viewership , his comedy is very clean and is enjoyed by people of all ages and religions and this is what makes him highly competitive in the market.

Sande who is a qualified journalist started his acting at Royal theater with a drama group called new world of entertainment. He has also previously worked at digida fm radio.

Lastly, mbu his love for chicken is as a result of ulcers which he doesn’t hope to treat soon lest his dear appetite for chicken disappears!!

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