Masturbation the cause of my first professional loss, Kassim Ouma the dream


The former IBF light middleweight champion of the world Kassim Ouma recently confessed that he always had a single shot of ‘self pleasure’ before all his first 9 professional fights which ironically all ended in KO wins for the former child soldier.

Ouma made the interesting confession during an interview run on a YouTube channel EXTRA DIGEST mugobansonga.

The now retired Ouma said in some hardcore ghetto slang that before the fateful night of his first professional loss, he had two shots of self pleasure instead of the usual single shot and as a result he ended up losing the fight by KO.

Ouma who is well known in the boxing world for throwing and landing one of the most hard punches in the sport, ended his career with a record of 42 fights, 29 wins, 18 KOs, 1 Draw and 1 no contest.

After his first pro loss, Kassim said he stopped masturbating before stepping into the ring.

We can now confidently conclude that the second shot that led to his first loss was an ‘overdose’ that he shouldn’t have taken!!

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