Musician Rhoda K Shelbie confirms being lesbian

Kasolo Kayima

During an interview with Andrew Luzze Anderson, Rhoda K who released photos in 2020 while kissing a fellow woman stated that she likes girls.

“We all love girls in different ways, whether intimate love or friendship. So, i don’t have problems with girls and I don’t care about what people say. I live my life my way and I can’t crucify someone who loves a fellow girl since it’s God who created us. If Rhoda K loves a fellow girl, it’s her decision. People should always know that in life, you have to be happy.

Rhoda K also revealed that she has never dated a boy in her life


“I have never dated a guy in my life, I don’t know what happens. As per, I haven’t thought about it, so it leave it to God.”

Said Rhoda K

Rhoda K who currently resides in the USA is believed to have been in a relationship with now BBS TV presenter Jonathan Jaxta for some good years

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