Zex Bilangi bins Gravity’s Big Boy list

Man Davie Kayima 

Fire base Prime minister Zex Bilangilangi has trashed Gravity Omutujju’s Big Boy list, stating that every musician is a creative.

Recently, Gravity Mutujju released an exclusive list of musicians whom he think are the Big Boys.

Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, Weasel, King Saha, Eddy Kenzo, Fik Fameica, Pallaso, Ziza Bafana, and David Lutalo.

His list included singers he rates highly for being consistent.

“Some people live a life of denial, if some are me then we are top gangsters. We are not in the boys league, we are in the men’s league. Personally, I don’t believe in comparisons that this one is better than this one in this, what I know is that we are all creatives.”

Zex is one of the inspiring figure to young people in Uganda especially in ghetto areas with low resources and has pledged to continue supporting those with low resources in the slums.

He also assured his fans of more music this year

“In the Ghettos, we believe in supporting each other, so I have many songs with upcoming youths in the Ghettos.” Once you shine in the Ghettos, it’s always important to help those who struggle with life. It takes a caring heart to support Ghetto youths.”

I have a lot of music this year though many are collaborations. I have one with Navio and many others with my upcoming Ghetto youths.” Said Bilangilangi.

Zex Bilangilangi real names Mayega Tadeo .B. is a creative activist artist and was raised in a slum called kamwokya in Kampala Uganda. He started doing serious music at 17 with a dream to create positive change in the ghettos using his talent.

Soon Zex started working with countless charities and that is when he met Ghetto President Bobi Wine in a talent search he organised and that is when he was recruited into Bobi wine’s Fire base crew a music label known for edutainment, positive and inspirational music and arts in general, Zex ranks high in the crew and was named ghetto prime minister by Bobi wine.

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