Iryn Namubiru refutes claims of imprisoning her mother


One of the longest running family feuds between Iryn Namubiru and her mother Justine Namawejje resurfaced in the news last week.

The problems stem from a long standing fight over a piece of land that is in Nambale, Mityana district and is said to have been owned by the Nkuweki singers grand dad a one Godfrey Nyanzi who died in 1998.

The land was meant to be shared among the family members including Iryn Namubiru something that the mother allegedly is against.

In a Facebook post the singer made days ago, she refuted all claims by her mother that she had sent her to prison,

“And NO! I have not put my MOTHER in Prison SHE IS NOT and HAS NOT BEEN IN PRISON over the last few days , Just like I have never filed any case against her in COURT like she is telling people now !
I have not and have never!
This has got to Stop!”

Wrote Iryn Namubiru.

Land disputes are never easy to solve, Here at Ug Olemwa we pray and hope that this issue can be solved amicably once and for all

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