“Omuti gw’omusambwa” halts works on Mpigi-Kampala Express Highway

ManDavie Kayima 

Minister for Works Gen.Edward Katumba Wamala has stated that a spirit infested tree around Mpigi has halted the ongoing road construction works of the Mpigi- Kampala Expressway.

Katumba confirmed the development while giving an update to Parliament on Tuesday in regards to the compensation of the Standard Gauge Raily Project

Katumba stated that all the spirits of the clan reside in one tree and the people responsible for it want a compensation of Shs500m yet the government has offered them Shs150M

We don’t take land without compensation. An example is a tree along Mpigi-Kampala Expressway where one clan says all their spirits are in that one tree. They are asking for Shs500m as compensation and we can’t move. They have been offered Shs150m but they say it can’t appease the spirits,”

Said Katumba

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