Tamale Mirundi equates his s3x drive to that of a horse

Tamale Mirundi has revealed that he’s superior in bed issues and that is why he has managed to sustain his four wives.

The former Presidential advisor stated this while on his Wednesday Program on Beat FM

“But do you think if I was not good in sex, I could sustain four wives. I am superior in sex and that’s why I have managed to keep them for years and they give birth to only my children.

I am extraordinary because I know what do. Once I have an affair with a lady, I have to finish her. I leave when all her legs are broken, so she has to spend four days to heal from my pain. They even run from bed.”

Mirundi also advised parents to give the girl child freedom otherwise they will end up being impregnated by guards or house boys.”

“Once you lock a girl child in the house or refuse her to move outside, then she will be impregnated by guards or house boys. This is because, she is not looking for a man but someone whom she can have sex with.”

Said Mirundi

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