“Sheikh Muzaata was the first man to touch my sumbie” Kuluthum


Kuluthum Muzaata says that she got married to the late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata when she was still a virgin.

During an interview with Top TV, Kuluthum claimed that she always focused on her academics not men.

“I got married to Sheikh Muzaata when I was still a virgin. I was more focused on my books so I had no time for men.

“I therefore advise girls of this generation to get married when they are still virgins. Men feel proud when they marry virgins and it becomes easy for a lady to get whatever she wants in life.”

Girls of this generation have lost hope but I advice them to concentrate more on their studies, then after accomplishing they can think about marriage.”

Said Kuluthum.

Last year, Kuluthum introduced a South Africa based Ugandan man called Akram Gumisiriza as her new husband replacing the late Muzaata.

Sheikh Muzaata passed on in December, 2020 and was buried in Kigogwa Village along Bombo road.

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