Former Speaker’s marriage lasted for only three years

Man Jose Kayima

Former Speaker of Parliament Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah who was pronounced dead on Sunday, 20th March was not a married man after court dissolved his marriage with Lady Winnie Amoo Okot in 2016.

Oulanyah had initially tied the knot with Amoo in 2013 with Rt.Rev. Stanley Ntagali as the main celebrant but their marriage failed.

In 2015, the late Oulanyah revealed on why his marriage with Amoo failed

“We got to eat food in a restaurant, we quarrel not because I started it. I really tried to make the marriage work but it failed and my friends know that I tried. My marriage did not work out and that’s why I went to court. I did not want to disparage anybody. I just wanted something that had failed to work dissolved.”

He also added,

“Take time, choose wisely. I did not take time. Study the family background and talk to. These things of falling in love at first sight don’t work. The wedding ring is the smallest handcuff, choose your prison mate properly.” Stated Oulanyah in 2015 about his marriage

Court decided that Amoo was to take custody of the two children she had with Oulanyah paying a monthly maintenance fee of $690 for them. The children lived with their mother in San Diego, California in USA.

Last year, Oulanyah’s Ex- wife Amoo officially married American Derek Allison.

Amoo with her new husband Derek

Oulanyah was elected Speaker of the 11th Parliament on May, 24th 2021 but his tenure lasted for only 10 months following his death in Seattle, Washington.

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