VIDEO: Isma Olaxes launches scathing attack on Bobi Wine and family


Renowned Blogger Isma Olaxes a.k.a Jajja Ichuli has blasted NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu for his antics after he reacted angrily to the head teacher of St Mary’s College Kisubi

Last month, Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Sekayi Kampala was suspended by the school for allegedly being in possession of drugs and the head teacher Bro Aganyira Deodat gave interviews to the media confirming the same.

The act angered Kyagulanyi who waited until the PTA meeting to launch a complaint amidst a mammoth of attending parents.

He pleaded for fairness from the school toward his son who was also barred from standing for prefect prefectship because he was deemed an average student yet leadership in the school was a preserve for “A” students.

Isma Olaxes added more salt into the wounds by calling Kampala an idiot who did not deserve to go to a school of intellectuals.

The grey haired blogger also accounted for the small eyes of Kyagulanyi’s kids that it is a result of their father’s constant abuse of drugs.

Watch here

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