Archbishop Kazimba calls for constitutional amendments regarding replacement of a fallen speaker


The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda DR. Steven Kazimba Mugalu has called for a revisit in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda on when the Speaker of the Parliament should be replaced in event of death.

Kazimba raised his concern in a mass held at the late speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s residence in Muyenga.

“The Constitutional problem has to be addressed, why replace the speaker of Parliament before his burial yet the Vice president can take over once the president is dead.”

“We should not get mad at those who want to replace Oulanyah.”

The Archbishop further appreciated Oulanyah for his love for the church,

“We have lost a man with so many gifts who loved the church of Uganda so much.”

“It is unfortunate that he is not here to celebrate his 57th birthday yet he had earlier informed us about this day which he wanted to celebrate at the Parliament.”

Oulanyah died on Sunday 20th-March and the Parliament will be electing a new speaker on Friday 25th.

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