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Sort your issues with the people who chased you. Walukagga tells off Kusasira and Big eye

Man Jose Kayima

Kadongo Kamu musician and Mayor Kyengera town council Mathias Walukagga has finally spoken about the incidents that happened at the funeral of his father Kirizanto Kisirinya Buyondo.

Walukagga says that people from Kampala chased fellow musicians Catherine Kusasira and Ibrahim Mayanja alias Big Eye at the funeral.

“I didn’t chase Big Eye and Kusasira at the funeral of my father.”
They were chased by people from Kampala not even though from my home village. Everyone saw that the people who chased them had plaited hair and dreadlocks, they are from Kampala. I know our village people are broke and can’t afford to have their hair plaited.”

Walukagga also says that he thought people would joyfully welcome Kusasira and Big Eye like they did to other celebrities. He also believes an apology from the two musicians would bring harmony

“People joyfully welcomed other celebrities and I thought they would do the same to Kusasira and Big Eye but they were welcomed differently. ” I also wanted them to be part of the funeral of my father.”

“I personally think they should just apologize and harmonize with their fans.”

Walukagga revealed this after his successful concert that he held at Freedom City in Wakiso on Friday.

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