Confession time: I VOTED KYAGULANYI, says former cabinet minister and Supreme Court judge


The former minister of justice in the current NRM government George Kanyeihamba is a very vocal man who doesn’t mince his words.

The retired Judge who has authored more than 30 books has in the past advised president Museveni to retire and hand over power peacefully.

He again echoed similar sentiments in an interview run on Extra Digest mugobansonga a YouTube channel in which he said this is or should be president Museveni’s last term of office.

In the next term, President Museveni will be over 80, the average age of Uganda is about 20-25 so if you elect him again you are stupid.

How do you elect somebody who has presided over the worst corruption, who has presided over the country when there is the worst torture?!

Asked if he has in the past fulfilled his civil right to vote, he said he has done so three times.

“One time I voted for Museveni and Museveni again, the other last election we were not allowed to vote here the materials didn’t come until four O’clock when I had gone home so I didn’t vote.”

“This last time, I voted Kyagulanyi, yes I did and you see I never hide anything, I never fear anything except God so take it from me”

Proffesor Kanyeihamba has authored another book titled THE DEFEAT OF PRESIDENT MUSEVENI and says he sent him a copy but he doesn’t know if he has read it because he is not in his house!!

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