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I nurtured and produced Chameleon, Bobi and many others. Bebe Cool

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Bebe Cool says that he nurtured and produced Jose Chameleon, Bobi Wine, Black boy, Toolman Kibalama, Bucha Man and many more.

The Gagmel boss also confirmed that it was him, Chameleon and Bobi who played a key role in chasing Kenyans, Congolese and Nigerian music in the country.

“I nurtured and produced Chameleon, Bobi, Black boy, Toolman, Bucha Man and many others.” Whenever, I see my boys move on and become successful, I feel proud despite our political affiliations.”

I started revolution for Ugandan music in Kenya before Chameleon joined me and then Bobi.”

“We changed everything and thus chased Kenyan, Nigerian and Congolese music in our country and now I feel proud to see Ugandan music on top.”

Bebe Cool thanked the fans for always loving him

“I thank the fans for loving me, you abuse me but you always clap for me whenever am on stage.”

Bebe Cool said this while at a performance in Mukono over the weekend.

Bebe Cool on Urban’s Shortcut

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