Even those who hated Oulanyah wore bowties. Ssemujju

Man Jose Kayima

Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has stated that he was not among those who were taken by the bandwagon to wore bowties in honour of the late stylish speaker Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah.

Ssemujju said that he saw even people who hated Oulanyah putting bowties while the Parliament was mourning the deceased on Tuesday

“I am a moslem by faith and I was not among those who were taken by this bandwagon of wearing bowties.” I saw even those who hated Oulanyah putting on bowties. I am not a person of showbiz, so was not taken away by this idea of bowties.”

Ssemujju also said that he has picked some lessons from Oulanyah’s death

“Usually at death, people will give flowery speeches, even those who have made your life difficult. There are lessons I have picked from Hon.Oulanyah’s death, I intend to draw a list of those who will come near my body and those who will speak when I die.” Said Ssemujju

The President, family, Parliament and the rest of the country will have a national service at Kololo ceremonial grounds in honour of the deceased Oulanyah

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