Maulana is a womaniser and violent person, says wife

Man Jose Kayima

Nalugya Betty the wife of local Comedian Maulana Kasozi of the famous Maulana and Reign duo has accused him of being violent and a womanizer.

Nalugya also accused her husband of child neglect

“I have decided to leave Maulana because he is a violent person and a womaniser.” Ever since, he became a renown comedian he only focuses on women .” He doesn’t care about our three children.”

“I have decided to leave him since he is someone who can do anything and I am going with the children.”

Maulana however said there are people who are behind Nalugya and they just want to tarnish his name

“I know there are people behind her and they just want to tarnish my name.

Maulana and Nalugya have been in a relationship for four years and the couple has three kids.

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