83 year old Yosia Mwesigye gives birth to first child

Man Jose Kayima

On 23rd March, God blessed Mzee Yosia Mwesigye with his first child at the age of 83 last week after passing of his 79 year old wife who left no child.

Mwesigye waited for 57 years to have his first child. His late wife Jane Tukamuhabwe who he married on April 25, 1962 left no child.

The deceased was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2005 and passed on in 2018.

At 79, Mwesigye found love again when he married Sharon Arinaitwe.

Arinaitwe now 29, gave Mwesigye his greatest moment in life giving birth to a bouncing baby boy

“I am so happy that God has blessed me with a child at my old age. I never thought of getting one but I kept on praying and finally God answered my prayers and now I am a father.” Mwesigye told Daily Monitor

He added,

“Dying without a child is such a painful thing. In our African culture, one is only remembered when they leave a child on earth.” Added Mwesigye.


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