NTV’s Pressbox brings down curtains on four years of splendid sports presentation

Nakibuule Bonita

Pressbox the weekly sports show on NTV Uganda is no more, 25th April 2022 now is confirmed to have been the very last show aired on NTV

The team of Joel Khamadi, Andrew Kabuura, Mark Ssali, Andrew Mwanghya and Ismail Dhakaba Kigongo have kept us glued to our TV sets for a good 4 years enjoying nothing but sports from all over the world.

NTV Uganda Pressbox crew

Now it looks like the marriage between NTV Uganda and Pressbox which we now know wasn’t a product of the Tv station has come to an end.

The announcement was made on Pressbox’s Twitter page which many did not see coming, at least not this soon.

The all rounder show that has been loved for its versatility will be greatly missed on NTV.

Among the highlights of the show was when Joel Khamadi had to come on set in high heels after he lost a bet to his colleagues.

Andrew Kabuura the host was also not spared when one Monday evening he had to do the show in a dress after losing a bet too.

It is believed that Pressbox could be moving to another tv station and we shall keep you posted on the shows next address.

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