I am hiring a reputable smart wire, CV’s should be sent to my inbox, Don Zella


US Ugandan based socialite Nalongo Don Zella (real names Sheilla Nadege) has asked men interested in her to submit their smart wire applications.

She took on her official social media platforms to discribe the kind of man she needs to be James Matthew Juntunen’s replacement,

“Submit your smart wire applications, you should be cute, hold my bag when leaving the car, call me mummy provide breakfast in bed, no issues with dogs.”

“Must look nice👍 and representable (sic) salary 200,000/= a week shot put totawana submit pictures in my inbox it’s gona contract.”

Don Zella lost her husband Jim as she used to call him on the 6th-February-2022 in Dhabi Al Rahba hospital.

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