Lt General Muhoozi Kainerugaba and others ‘dragged’ to court for MK@48 ‘shenanigans’

Joram Ssenkooto

The first son Lt General Muhoozi Kainerugaba recently celebrated his 48th birthday in style and it left the entire country talking wondering what was so special about this particular one.

In the past, the general had celebrated some of his birthdays but never before had there been nation wide kind of celebration. It should be remembered that these celebrations even had a head of state in Paul Kagame as one of the guests, this surely was a special birthday. In fact the celebrations are still ongoing with another extension slated for today 7th May at the Entebbe cricket grounds!!


Now, city lawyer and journalist Mr Gawaya Tegulle has filed a petition in the constitutional court of Uganda Kampala numbered 10, petitioning the first son Lt General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Chief of defense forces and the Attorney General for the said birthday celebrations.

Others petitioned

According the 31 page petition filled on 6th May 2022 that we have a copy of, the 3 respondents are required by the constitutional court to file an answer to the petition within 10 days after the petition has been served to them.

It goes ahead to say that should the three fail to file an answer on or before the said date, then Mr Tegulle may proceed with the petition which maybe determined in their absence.

According to Mr Gawaya Tegulle, the said birthday celebrations branded MK48 where all in contravention of various articles, 208 (2) among others of the constitution of the republic of Uganda and also in violation of articles 2, 3, 209 and 210.

The first son is being petitioned for his politiacal pronouncements and the manifest of presidential campaigns on his official Twitter account.

On the other hand, The Chief of defense forces is petitioned for failing to advise or warn the first son about the legality and untenable nature of his actions.

Lastly the Attorney general is also being petitioned for failure or refusal to provide good, fitting and proper legal advice and guidance to the UPDF in general and the first son in particular.

Th 31 paged document also includes 10 pages of various screenshots of all contravening tweets from the first son’s tweeter account and other coded messages by ‘supporters’ of the first son in terms of printed t shirts and posters.

At the time of publishing this piece, a verbal or written response had not been got from any of the three respondents in the petition and we could not ascertain if they had been served the petition by Mr Gawaya Tegulle.

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