I have had continuous menstrual periods for 13 years. Munirah Najjuko

Man Jose Kayima

Munirah Najjuko has narrated a painful story about her continuous menstrual periods.

While appearing on NTV Uganda Mwasuze Mutya program Najjuko revealed that she has had menstrual periods for 13 years

“Ever since I started having menstrual periods it have never stopped. Doctors gave me tablets that stop blood but it failed.”

“At school, the matron and fellow students thought I had aborted. The menstrual period issue also halted my studies sometimes.”

Najjuko added that the doctors told her that she had a hormonal imbalance

“The doctors told me I am not infertile but I had a hormonal imbalance problem. When I went for IVF, they removed 48 eggs yet most people have less than 20. Thereafter I went through a process called tamping which was painful.”

On the test results

“Results showed that my tubes were blocked and I also had fibroids. This was too much for me to hear and the doctor gave me time to go for counseling. He advised I undergo surgery as soon as I can to unblock the tubes. I don’t remember much about the conversation thereafter but I cried because I knew I couldn’t afford the cost of the surgery.”

On how her boyfriend run away from her after spending some good years together

“My boyfriend had stayed by my side for years but I think it became too much for him to bare and he left last year. It was hard but I understood. My journey is painful and hard. Few can understand what I am going through but I am grateful for my family, doctors and friends.”

Najjuko narrated her painful story this morning

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