If Sheebah cannot reveal who touched her ‘constitution’ let her shut up, Tamale Mirundi

Bonita Nakibuule

A few days ago artist Sheebah Kalunji took to her social media platforms to tell the public that somebody who she did not mention tried to rape her moments before she went to perform.

In the video that made rounds on social media, the Nkwata bulunji Bailamos singer says she had been hired to perform at a private function when this client tried to bailamos her as she was having a nap in her car.

There has since been divergent views and speculation on the matter by the public. Some have speculated that since the alleged culprit had security protection, it must be one of the Big boys that wanted to bamba.

Not to be left out, controversial and outspoken former presidential press secretary Tamale Mirundi has come out strongly like always and said that if Sheebah can not reveal who tried to rape her, let her shut up.

“What we want from Sheebah is to tell us who and to go ahead and file a case because that is a rapist. But if she can not reveal, let her shut up there is nothing she is protecting, she has always dressed skimpily” said Mirundi while appearing on YouTube channel Kasuku live.

Mirundi went ahead to say that because Shaeebah puts on short and skimpy dresses she is actually cold.

“She is even cold, I am shocked by men who date these girls who are musicians, a woman is supposed to be well covered, if you show us everything what do you reserve for your man?” Asked Mirundi

Nyabo Queen Karma are you going to reveal the ‘Big Boy’ or you are going to shut up??

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