Muhoozi should get ready for court martial not presidency, Ssemuju Nganda


FDC Spokesperson and Kiira Municipality member of parliament Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has come out to say that the first son Lt General Muhoozi should get ready for court martial.

This website did report a few days ago that a one Gawaya Tegulle a journalist and lawyer had petitioned 3 people that included the first son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for actions that contravened some articles of the Ugandan constitution.

In the same vein, FDC’s Nganda has come out to say that Muhoozi should be preparing to face the court martial for engaging in partisan politics when he is still a serving army officer.

“Us as FDC we are of the view that the presidents son at this moment should be getting ready to face the court martial instead of preparing to stand for president”

“He is so close to facing the court martial, it may take a little while when his father is still alive but the moment his father is gone, he has to face the court martial just like Tumukunde and Tinyefunza who were charged”

The same almost happened to Dr Kizza Besigye and he first left the army then joined active politics. His court martial is only being delayed by his father.

This army does not belong to Museveni, it’s not one of his properties. The same applies to this country, if Museveni lied to his family that this country is his property we are requesting him to give a list of his properties to his children.

If he had included Uganda as one of his properties then he has to tell his children that he included it by mistake. His known properties include Rwakitura, Kisozi, a motor cycle and bicycle that he included on the list he submitted to the IGG.

“Therefore it’s high time Mr Museveni sat down his children and wives and inform them that Uganda is not one of his properties that they will inherit when he is gone.” Concluded Ssemujju Nganda.

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