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I have ever had sex in a car. Spice Diana

Man Jose Kayima

Singer Spice Diana says that having sex in a car is enjoyable. She stated this while having a conversation with radio presenter Bina Baibe and Doreen Nasasira

The musician said the car is the weirdset place where she has ever made love

“I have ever had sex in a car and It was enjoyable. It was nice having it in a car.”

Bina Baibe also confirmed that she has ever had it in a car but having sex around UMA grounds is the weirdset thing she has ever done

“Have also ever had it in a car, don’t you see that I am tall but while having sex in a car I become short, wabula those things oba Mukama yabikola atya.” Said Bina

On the Weirdest place

Personally I made love at UMA grounds ate outside, as you know love banange I couldn’t wait we just had it there and then.” Stated Bina


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