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Nkuloga singer Grenade official accused of practicing witchcraft by ex girlfriend


They say when it rains, it pours. This phrase fittingly explains what is currently going on in singer Grenade official’s life.

The singer recently fell out with his sugar mummy girlfriend and he had all is bu belongings like t shirts, jeans and boxers thrown outside in a bitter breakup.

As if this was not enough, Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade official made the mistake of trying to go back to the Sugar mummy’s house in Munyonyo, what resulted from this was him being arrested and spending the night in police coolers at Kajjansi on grounds of trespass and domestic violence.

Now the latest we have on our desk is that the ex girlfriend has come out to accuse the artist of practicing witchcraft. And this was one of the reasons she had to let his beloved smart wire Grenade go.

“What caused our separation is witchcraft. Grenade has been practicing witchcraft, I can not forgive him because I am a Moslem and Islam doesn’t accept witchcraft. I don’t believe in witchcraft and I can’t be with someone practicing it. Nothing ended our relationship apart from witchcraft.”

“When I was in America, our house girl found it but she got scared to tell us. She later finally told us. I talked to someone from his family who explained to me everything that he was doing.”

“I even paid someone 1.5m and they recorded Grenade when he was in a shrine with the Jaaja s’ said the ex girlfriend in an interview run on Spark tv.

Going by what the ex girlfriend is telling us, bwana Deus Ndugwa aka Grenade literally practiced what he ‘preached’ in his Nkuloga hit song!!

Afazali nze nkuloga hhmmmm……

Nze nkuloga
Baby tongana nze nkuloga
Nze nkuloga…….

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