Youths in Zimbabwe selling toes to buy posh cars


There is a new craze in Uncle Bob’s land where youths at one of Harare’s biggest malls are selling off their toes in exchange for quick cash.

What started as a joke at the Ximex mall gathered momentum after it was found out that most of the young men here do not put on open shoes for fear of being smoked out.

These young men drive some of the latest posh cars yet their source of income is not traceable judging by the fact that they deal in mobile phone accessories, gadgets, and jewelry.

These connect through WhatsApp and Facebook to find suitable buyers and it has been reported that many young people are joining the lucrative trade.

” I can’t really deny or confirm such activity at Ximex Mall but what I gathered is that this whole issue was blown out of proportion after a few guys shared it as a joke. Yes, some of the latest cars that the dealers are driving are questionable. Imagine seeing a guy who has been struggling to buy lunch for himself now cruising in a Mercedes-Benz GL400 which costs US$200,000. You have questions”

One confirmed.


It has been reported that toes go for as much as 40,000 USD for the big toe and 25000 for the medium one. The tiny one fetches in the range of 20,000 to 10,000 USD depending on the size and one’s bargaining power.

Recently in Tanzania, Police on a crackdown of youths who were trading bold headed men. These were being harvested with superstitious beliefs that their heads contain gold plates in them.

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