I used to be a big man at Vision group, but today zero. Robert Kabushenga


Former Vision group CEO Robert Kabushenga has revealed that nowadays he finds life too hard.

Kabushenga told Moses Mukisa during recent video on social media that he has been humbled by experiences of life.

“I have been humbled by experiences of life, the most recent one was leaving my former work. Some of you may know where I used to work from and I used to be a big man, big boy in size but today zero. Yes, I go somewhere to meet big man and I must also first stop at the reception and have to introduce myself.” There’s one famous question they used to ask when they are coming to see me, is the big man there? Now am the one asking it, is the big man there?

He added that nowadays it’s the wife who help me with 50k

“Nowadays when madam is going to work, I have to ask her, do you have some 50k. Yes, because I don’t have it. So the humility of force to swallow saliva is very hard.”

“I tell the young men today that you maybe the bread winner today and walk around your house like a gladiator but as sure as night comes after day, there will come a time when you cannot win that bread and that woman is the one winning that bread. And you will look at her with an eye and she will ask you do you remember when I asked you Kameza.” So it’s please give Kameza and even live balance.”

Said Kabushenga

Kabushenga served at the media group as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from October 2006 until January 2021, when he resigned and was replaced by Don Wanyama.

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