Kante is shy, he doesn’t even take his underwear off to take a shower. Diego Costa

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Former Chelsea forward Diego Costa has revealed that while at Chelsea he got to learn how midfielder Ngolo Kante is shy.

“At Chelsea, I tried to kiss Kanté jokingly. He is really shy. I put myself naked on the bathtub and I said: ‘Kante, give me a hug!’ and he was like ‘No, no, Diego.” He doesn’t even take his underwear off to take a shower.”

Costa scored 52 goals in 89 appearances for Chelsea from 2014 -2017. He won two English Premier league titles with the London based club and the Carabao Cup.

Diego Costa (Photo courtesy)

He also played for Braga, Atletico Madrid, Celta, Valladolid, Rayo Vallocano, Atletico Minero among others.

On 16 January 2022, after only playing 19 times and scoring 5 goals, Diego Costa terminated his contract and became a free agent.

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