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My wedding gown will be customized with solar panels, Kulthum Muzata

Namutebi Sofia

The widow of the late Shiekh Nuhu Muzata Kulthum Muzata is set for her wedding with South African based Ugandan Akram Gumisiriza.

She revealed that their wedding cards will each cost then 500 dollars advising those who will not be invited not to bother coming,

“Each wedding card will cost us 500 dollars it will be scanned, you know Ugandans are good at duplicating things but I assure you they will not do this to these cards.”

“I advise those who will not be invited not to bother coming to avoid embarrassment.”

Kulthum further added that her gown is being worked on from abroad.

“They are working on my wedding gown first it will be in Texas then Maryland, Boston and New York it is a unique gown with solar panels on top of that it will be clapping hands for me as well as sing.”

Her wedding is expected to take place on 18th-December-2022.

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