Bobi Wine’s role was to mobilize not to run for presidency, Imam Kasozi


Imam Kasozi the vocal Moslem cleric has reiterated that Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu the NUP principal should never have been fronted as the presidential candidate in the 2021 presidential elections.

The cleric who is also a farmer, said that Bobi Wine’s role was supposed to be mobilizing of the masses something that he does very well and that this was supposed to be his role.

‘Kyagulanyi visited me before the elections and we talked briefly. I told him at the time that there are people who were with him but after a short while he will look for them when they are no where to be seen.’’

This was in relation to the current situation in parliament and in the NUP party in what looks to be an act of defiance by the NUP MPs against their principal who had instructed all who had received the alleged 40m handshake to return it.

“I was of the view that time wasn’t right for Bobi wine to stand as president, his role was totally different and maybe if he had played his role, we could have toppled Museveni.”

“His role was to mobilize the masses but not him standing but people hurried him into standing. I even talked about it on one radio but those that were looking for positions told me not to bother.”

“My principle is clear, when I look at Bobi Wine he is a good mobilizer, he can mobilize the masses, if we had looked for a much more capable person and he mobilizes for him then we could have succeeded.” Said Kasozi while being interviewed on YouTube channel Kasuku live.

Imam Kasozi who subscribes to the JEEMA party is also a lecturer at the IUIU and he is a political analyst who frequents various media houses to discuss issues of National importance whenever called upon.

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