Joanita Kawalya’s phone mysteriously goes missing while out performing at Levels lounge


Legendary Musician Joanita Kawalya of the timeless Afrigo band lost her mobile phone on Monday when she was out performing with her band.

The Afrigo band had a performance at one of Kampala’s fancy hangouts called Levels lounge and everything went on smoothly as planed with Afrigo doing what they do best.

It was at the end of the performance when one of the band members Joanita Kawalya realized that her phone was missing.

In the era we are living, when one loses their mobile phone, a lot can go wrong with the phone not in their possession anymore.

Personal information like photos and chats can be leaked, your contacts can be defrauded of money with the culprits impersonating the owner.

It’s along these lines that Kawalya immediately ran to her social media platforms to warn everyone and let them know that her mobile phone was no longer in her possession, so no one should fall prey of any fraud using it.

“Dear family and friends I would like to clarify that I am well however tonight after our performance at LEVELS my phone was stolen(robbed) and the impersonator may or has already called you stating that I need money from you please don’t send money to that person,” reads a post off her Facebook page.

“I am trying to get back my line and any progress will and shall be communicated to you through my social media platforms. ” she wrote on her Facebook page.

On the lighter note of things, the night also happened to be the birthday celebration of band leader Moses Matovu who turned 73 the previous day on Sunday 19th June.

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