Ofwono Opondo threatens to Push Lord Mayor Lukwago out of NBS Tv like he owns it

Ssenkoto Joshua

Over time we have witnessed many political talk show debates escalate and almost end in physical fights but what we had never seen is one panelist threaten to push the other out of studio and even seem to draw a weapon on live national television.

This is exactly what happened on the weekly NBS TV political show The frontline. Hosted by seasoned journalist Charlse Mwanguhya the show had Ofwono Opono the government spokesperson and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago among the panelists yesterday.

The two got into a heated argument that saw OO lose his cool and he went physical. First he told Lukwago that he can push him out the studios which the Mayor acknowledged and said he has the power to do that after all he has shot a person dead before.

It is this acknowledgement and reminder that caused the spark, in a typical Policeman move common in action movies, Opondo stood up and approached Lukwago and I can swear he appeared to be drawing what can only be a gun!!

It’s at this point that the producer of the show said he had had enough and turned off the cameras. What happened there after is a mystery to us the viewers but the Lord Mayer claims he was physically assaulted by Ofwono Opondo.

“Short of words to explain what has happened to me at the NBS TV frontline, horrible, despicable!! Fellow Ugandans, it’s Horrible. My only prayer is that I get out of this place safely.” Wrote the Lord Mayor on his social media platforms.

The situation must have been so bad because the show did not resume after the heated exchange between OO and the Lord Mayor.

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