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Government bans music concerts in Schools

Man Jose Kayima

The government through the Ministry of Education and Sports has banned all concerts that involve secular music and dancing as well as those entertainment concerts that involve artistes.

This was revealed in a document from the ministry dated August 1st, 2022

“If schools need to entertain themselves, then they can engage in acting plays or arrange concerts. However, inviting singers who dance erotic dances, naked in the schools in the guise of co-curricular activities must be forbidden henceforth.”

The statement continues,

“In the meantime, therefore, head teachers and principals of both primary and secondary schools are cautioned not to hire or allow any of these artists to perform in schools. Failure to comply will lead to school managers being personally held responsible and disciplinary measures charged against them.”

Last month, Tororo woman legislator Sarah Opendi asked the government to stop all musicians from accessing schools for concerts.

Sheebah entertaining students at Kitende

She stated that the musicians dress indecently and pull off seductive dance moves which affect the mental health of Students.

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