Referees’ dues for 2021/22 season will be fully paid by kickoff of next season. Magogo

Man Jose Kayima

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) President Moses Magogo has confirmed that referees’ dues for the 2021/22 season will be fully paid by kickoff of the 2022/23 campaign kickoff.

Magogo stated that since main sponsors StarTimes are yet to pay their annual fees that’s why referees have not been paid fully

“Referees will be fully paid by kickoff.
The money to referees comes from star times and they had not fully paid the annual fees.”
Referees are paid up to the percentage of their feed received.”

He added,

“We run a financial system with incomes and expenditures.”

“We now provide for the costs ahead of the matches.”

“We need to appreciate that the sponsors also operate financial system with credits and debts.”

Said Magogo

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