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Her blouse left her breasts all on display, Ministry of Internal Affairs on why Nwagi was bounced

Man Jose Kayima

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has revealed why singer Winnie Nakanwagi alias Nwagi was chased from their offices by security personnel on Wednesday.

According to Simon Peter Mundeyi the Spokesperson of the Ministry says Nwagi was indecently dressed

“I didn’t expect this story to break through social media. However, it’s true she came for a passport renewal but her dresscode was unacceptable as per our dress code policy. She was putting on hotpants with her thighs all outside. Her blouse also left her breasts all on display and the way she was walking was as if she wanted everyone to see them.”

The bootylicious Swangz Avenue singer will have her maiden concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval on 9th September, 2022

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