NTV Uganda reporter blasts President Museveni for lengthy speeches

Man Jose Kayima

NTV Uganda reporter Sudhir Byaruhanga has blasted President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni for his lengthy speeches during his addresses on TV.

Byaruhanga says that Museveni’s lengethy speeches disrupt private media’s normal programming yet they are also struggling financially.

“Everything the president said in nearly 3 hours would have been summarized in 15 minutes,” Byaruhanga shared his views.

“This business of disrupting business especially for all private media, is unfair at a time when they are all struggling with high operation costs. It’s also not necessary to address us weekly.” Byaruhanga posted on his Twitter

Museveni addressed the nation on Friday where he assured the nation that the only way to overcome imported inflation and fuel prices is by shifting from petroleum cars to electric vehicles.

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