Chameleon requests to be appreciated by president Museveni for his works in music


Legendary musician Jose Chameleon aka Joseph Mayanja held a successful show at Cubana lounge in Munyonyo dubbed Legends Nyota Kuubwa last Friday 5th August 2022.

The show was graced by other artists such as the Afrigo band, Kabyuye Semboga, Betty Mpologoma, Palaso, Weasel among others.

Like he always does when he steps on stage, Chameleon put up an energetic performance as he entertained the crowd that had the likes of Toyota the presidents young brother and Emma who famously gifted him with a Range Rover monster ride some time back.

At the interlude, the Forever hit maker took time to talk to the crowd largel y asking to be appreciated because of what he has done for the country using his talent.

“I have sang in Zanzibar, Tanzania, Russia, all over the world and single handedly. I need to be appreciated when still here, I am not Kiplimo, my name is Joseph Chameleone but we also have something we have added to the country”

“In Tanzania their president supports the musicians, because they market their Country to the world”

“Team chairman, I request you, if you meet my very good friend president Museveni tell him to also appreciate me I am also human.”

You are trying to popularize Kiswahili, I know it very well, I can even teach it through my music.

Chameleon also took time off the performance to introduce her mother Prosy Mayanja to president Museveni’s young brother Michael Nuwagira aka Toyota and his friend Emma Ruhakana who gifted him the Range Rover.

“Mummy these are my friends, this on is Toyota, people think I know him because he is the presidents brother, I studied with Toyota, he is my Ob”

“This one is called Emma who gave me the Range Rover and people got angry.”

Mummy these are my
brothers. Uncle Emma has also given me 100 acres of land, 100 cows and 100 goats!!

The former Kampala mayoral candidate also vowed to never participate in elective politics because its not his thing.

Yes sir bwana Yozefu, Ugolemwa agrees with you on this, steak to the music business!!

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