God appeared to me while i was in prison , Former Mr Kampala Ivan Byekwaso


Former Mr Uganda bodybuilder Ivan Byekwaso recently returned to the country together with his German wife, daughter, mother and father in law.

Byekwaso sought refuge in Germany in the year 2016 with the hope of furthering his bodybuilding career. He had been away from his home county for 6 years.

In Germany, Byekwaso even chose to switch allegiances and started representing Germany in bodybuilding competitions.

Along the way, the former Mr Kampala and Mr Uganda who also held one world title at some point, met his current wife in Germany and they got married recently in 2021.

It has not all been smooth for him though. His stay in Germany has had ups and downs. In 2018, he was imprisoned after his former Ugandan girlfriend framed him for rape.

Surprisingly, during the same time, he was wrongly rumored to have passed on while in the Germany prison.

On his return to the country he sat down and narrated his ordeal in prison on YouTube channel extradigest Mugobansonga.

“When in prison I was very frustrated and even thought of committing suicide but God told me to stay calm”

“I cried but continued to read the Bible and it even got wet with my tears. I said to God that if the Bible is really his holy book, let him at least talk to me and strengthen me”

“This particular night while I was asleep, a man came but his face was covered, he called out my name, Ivan wake up, I followed him but we were moving in space.”

I asked him who he was and tried to get ahead of him so that I can see his face but he told me to stay behind him.


God then told me to forgive my former girlfriend who had framed me for rape which I did although it took me some time.

It wasn’t easy but I eventually did. God told me that if I forgave her I would get what I wanted in return which was my freedom, Concluded Byekwaso who is a born again Christian.

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