Ruto has some businesses here in Uganda and has always campaigned for President Museveni. Hon.Nambeshe

Man Jose Kayima

The Opposition chief whip in the 11th Parliament and Manjiya County MP Hon. John Baptist Nambeshe says that he is reliably informed that Kenyan Presidential contestant William Ruto has got some businesses here in Uganda.

While appearing on NTV Spot, Nambeshe also stated that Ruto has many times campaigned for President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during Presidential campaigns.

“I am reliably informed that Ruto could be having some businesses here in Uganda which is healthy in a way.”

On Ruto campaigning for Uganda’s head of State

Ruto has even a number of times during presidential campaigns, come here and shared a podium with Uganda’s head of state in Sebei where his cousins are. Many times Ruto comes to campaign for him here, he uses his resources to do that.” Said Hon. Nambeshe.

Ruto is neck to neck with Raila Odinga and the two will await the Kenyan Electoral Commission to declare the winner on Monday.

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