NRM is also an Opposition party. EALA MP Fred Mukasa Mbidde

Man Jose Kayima

Hon.Fred Mukasa Mbidde says that NRM party is not different from opposition parties in the country since its only President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to decide the fate of it’s members

“President Museveni has no fear that the NRM party will sack him but it’s the members of the Party that always have that fear. The NRM members should know that they are also part of the opposition and that’s why they always fear that President Museveni is going to sack them.”

Mbidde while appearing on NTV Uganda program Ebigambo Tebitta stated that the tone of Uganda’s politics can change if President Museveni decides not to run for presidency

“If President Museveni decided not to run for presidency that decision would change the tone of politics in Uganda because the presidential nominees would now be on the same level.”

“Recently, I was doing an analysis and I told people that you cannot compare Uganda to Kenya. You can only compare Uganda to the Kenya of 1992 ,not present day Kenya because we still have our Moi.” EALA MP Mbidde

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