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Weasel asks Buchaman’s wife to back off his marriage affairs


It looks like the Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel and partner Sandra Teta drama series just won’t end soon.

The couple has been dominating the entertainment and gossip news since pictures of Sandra looking like she had just lost a heavyweight boxing bout went viral on social media.

It was alleged that Weasel had beaten her up and what followed next is well known to all that cared to follow.

Just when we thought the dust had started to settle, in came an audio message by Weasel to presidential advisor Mark Bugembe aka BuchaMan.

A furious Weasel without mincing his words categorically tells BuchaMan to be a Man and tell his wife to stay out of his relationship.

“Yo, Rasta what’s up, I talked to you last time and thought you were man enough to talk to your wife to stay out of my family business but it seems your wife is the man, please tell her to say out of my family”

“She doesn’t know what we have gone through together with my wife, she doesn’t know my wife and I also don’t know her, please control her because I will sue her for defamation” said Weasel in the audio message.

BuchaMan’s wife aka Maama ghetto is being blamed for making comments about the Sandra Teta and Weasel’s marital issues in which the former was allegedly beaten by the former.

When Buchaman was contacted for a comment on the issue, he said he doesn’t involve himself with issues concerning women.

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