Voters attack Kawempe South MP Kazibwe Bashir

Jose Kayima

Hungry National Unity Platform supporters have attacked Kawempe South Member of Parliament Kazibwe Bashir Mbazira.

While on CBS FM, Kazibwe asked KCCA to just sensitize Boda Boda riders instead of chasing them out of the City

“Boda Boda have been used in the City for the last 24 years, but everytime something horrible happens it’s always the Boda Boda riders who take the blame. I therefore call upon KCCA and the government to sensitive them instead of chasing them out of the City. Boda Boda riders should also come together for the good of their job. This is a job that employs over a million people in the country, so the government should be considerate to our colleagues in Boda Boda industry.” Said Kazibwe

Despite having great remarks on the Boda Boda industry, the Kawempe legislators has been attacked by several NUP supporters on social media

Our man is just looking for relevance! Though he has appoint, but since he had eaten as its alleged 🤣🤣🤣 few will give him attention. (Bk Moosa commented on CBS FM)

Tukimanyi walya naye ojja kuba bulungi munange tokyalina kyotugamba gwe YUDA GASIYA, Muwawu Ashiraf commented

He’s a true definition of omuli wenkwe but never trust a man atayina birevu kasajja gwe tetuli kusonyiwa. Commented Masika Nayiga

Kumbu bulijjo akasajja kano katunulanga Ronald Mayinja. Commented Samuel Muwonge

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