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Weed, Mairungi/ Miraa and Guinness caused the collapse of Amarula family, Dj Mese Bontwe


Amarula family was one of the very first comedy groups in the country formed around the late 90’s. It also happened to have been one of the most successful comedy groups the country has seen.

The group was comprised of Nicholas Mpirwe aka Dj Mese, Allan Mujjuni aka Amooti, and Paddy Bisegerwa aka Paddy Bitama (RIP) as the three main pillars of the group.

The three alongside other group members treated Ugandans to years of special comedy material both on stage and on screen.

On screen they are much remembered for their side mirror skits while on stage they gave us shows like Akabadi k’omwaaka in 2006 and Akaama ka CHOGM in 2007 among others.

Like many groups, Amarula family split up and the members went their separate ways. Now one of the founding members Dj Mese has explained what exactly led to the collapse of the group.

“There are some people who badly influenced Amooti in particular especially his manager called Josh, he introduced him to chewing of Mayirunji and weed smoking”

“The combination of Weed, Mayirunji and Guinness is very deadly, this is what put Amooti off balance and he started missing shows that we had organized.”

It killed everything we had built, you would call Amooti and tell him we have a show at 10pm but he would show up at 2am already high on weed and drank.

What we decided was to move on and do the rest of the shows we had organized without him because he was no longer committed to the group.

This is how he ended up holding a presser and announcing that he had left the group and formed his own. Narrated Dj Mese in an interview on YouTube channel Vybe lifeUG.

Amooti continues to do comedy in his group that he formed called Amarula productions whilst Mese is a radio presenter on Super Fm.

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