Gen Ellly Tumwine’s daughter pleads for forgiveness on behalf of fallen father

Ssenkoto Joram

The passing on of Gen Elly Tumwine the former Minister of security last week produced mixed feelings from the general public especially on social media.

Like we now know, Tumwine succumbed to lung cancer at the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya as announced by the president on his social media platforms.

Like it is the norm (unfortunately) these days whenever a top government official passes on, a section of the public did not have any kind works for the fallen Gen.

They took to social media and made it a point to remind those close to the late of the unpleasant words he said after the November riots of 2021 in which over 100 people lost their lives.

While at the late father’s vigil, one of the daughters took the opportunity to apologize to
The general public on behalf of the dad.

“when we were in hospital in Nairobi, one of the things we were convicted about was to seek forgiveness on his behalf, so to ask God to forgive him for everything he did knowingly or unknowingly that was wrong”

“Not only with God, but everyone here, in case Dady wronged you in a way please forgive him, he also forgave you if you wronged him.”

He talked about forgiveness towards the end, for those that went to functions he was at, he even talked about how he forgave a mosquito. So if he can forgive a mosquito what about a human being? Concluded the teary daughter.

May this be a reminder to all of us especially those in positions of power that this world is not any one’s home like legendary Jim Reeves (RIP) sang in that classic, THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME

Let’s all be mindful of what we say and do and how we treat others.

May Gen Tumwine’s Soul Rest In Peace.

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