NRM’s Kisakyamukama Yiga flaunts his ugly behind in an act of lunacy in viral video

Ssenkoto Joram

A one Kisakyamukama Yiga the Gomba youth council chairperson who was in the past under fire for being vulgar and uttering obscenities was at it again this week.

Yiga who is not new to lunacy tendencies appeared in a video attacking the Buganda kingdom once again, NUP leader Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert, Member of Parliament Lutamaguzi and all Baganda at large.


As if the obscenities where not enough, the lunatic went ahead to flaunt his ugly hairy behind in a video that has been making rounds on social media.

The reason for his barbaric behavior apparently was because he was angered by a section of the public that did not mourn the death of the former Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwine who was laid to rest this week on Tuesday 30th August 2022

He also said the Kabaka, the Katikiro and Hon Kyagulanyi all did not put out any condolence message for Gen Tumwine hence his actions towards them all.

He concluded by saying there is nothing that can be done to him and he is probably right.

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