Pigs that got demon possessed all died, that shouldn’t be reason not to eat pork, Pastor Joseph Serwadda


Victory Christian Center senior Pastor Joseph Serwadda who is not short of controversy has dispelled the claim that all pigs are demon possessed and thus pork should not be a delicacy for anyone.

Little background to the issue at hand.

The Bible in the book of Mathew chapter 8 : 28-34 talks about the story of the two demon possessed men who pleaded with Jesus not to torment them but instead send them to a group of pigs that were feeding nearby.

This is exactly what Jesus did when he cast out the demons from the men and sent them to the pigs. The Bible says the pigs violently run into the sea and all perished.

It’s from this background that a section of people say they do not eat pork because Jesus sent demons into these animals.

Now, the presiding Apostle of the Born Again Faith federation Uganda, Pastor Joseph Serwada has come out to dispel this analogy while preaching to his sheep over the weekend.

“I hear some people say it’s not right to eat pork because demons entered them, no this is not true, the pigs that got demon possessed all died”

“If you don’t want to eat pork, leave it for another reason but don’t bring up this reason of the demons.”

Am I tying to say that the demons died with the pigs? Yes because it’s Jesus that commanded them, if it had been an ordinary person, I would have doubt’s .

But Jesus does a thorough job, he can’t cleanse you and leave dirt behind concluded Serwadda to a thunderous applause from possible kikalayi customers.

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