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Promoter Mutima apologizes to Spice Diana for failure of payment


Earlier this week, this website run a story of how artist Spice Diana had lost her cool and demanded to be paid live on stage at the Mutima organized Masaka street Jamlast week.

The promoter of the show original names Robert Nkuke has now come out to officially apologize to Spice Diana for what he called a miscommunication and delay.

“My name is Nkuke Robert Jackson Mutima, I apologize to Spice for what happened over the weekend, that’s not how we do business, we just had a miscommunication and delay of paying her balance”

“For all the years we have organized the Masaka street Jam this has never happened , we apologize to anyone who was affected and hurt, that’s not how we operate, we ask for forgiveness” said Mutima in the presence of Spice Diana.

Spice Diana in her response said she was t angry at Mutima because they are in the same business.

“You could get angry for a short period of time because you have a lot on your mind because you will feel like you could have gone somewhere else but you chose to come to Masaka”

When you drive all the way to the venue it means you have come to work, so you expect your money to be available but when I get there and you tell me my money is not available, it means you have taken my job as an artist for granted, said Spice Diana.

It is understood that Mutima and Spice Diana resolved the issue and the artist was paid her money.

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