Hon. Zaake promises fiancee stunning wedding day

Man Jose Kayima

Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Hon.Francis Zaake Butebi has promised his fiancee Bridget Nnamirembe an astonishing wedding day.

Zaake also thanked Nnamirembe and her family for organising a glamorous cultural ceremony

“The memories of Gomba are still etching fresh on my mind. It all appears like it happened just yesterday. My wife to be my princess Nnamirembe Bridget gave me the most breathtaking moment of my life.”

” The glamorous cultural ceremony she and her family presided as they welcomed me officially to be part of the family left me mesmerized.”

“I am thankful to my Father in law for allowing me to be his new addition to the family.”

“I am appreciative to my parents for making this day meaningful to me as they tendered in moral, and material support.”

“To my wife #Omumbejja Ndagire, on my turn as I wait to bring you to Mityana too, I pledge to make our day very stunning and an unforgettable moment. I know you just can’t wait to leave Gomba for our September 9th wedding but hang on over there, because in just a few I’ll be at your door knocking.”

Zaake and Nnamirembe will walk down the aisle on 9th September at Mityana Cathedral Parish in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese.

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