The Pope touched my forehead and blessed me, Did you see him touching the one of Speaker Among. Tamale Mirundi

Man Jose Kayima

Political analyst Joseph Tamale Mirundi Senior has revealed that he was blessed by the Pope when he made a visit to Vatican.

Tamale says that the Pope asked him to pray for three things and indeed he has managed to achieve them

“Did you see the Pope touching Speaker Anita Annet Among’s forehead. Me, I am blessed he touched mine and asked me to pray for three things.” I prayed that God should give my mother more life, prayed for unity among my family and I wanted it.”

So, I am very special in the Catholic church and when I die my body won’t be taken to the church. People will pray for me at my home and even the witch doctors will be welcome.” Mirundi Said while appearing on Baaba TV

In November, 2014 Tamale Mirundi was blessed by Pope Francis.

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